Carrier Logistics is an OTR driver-centered trucking company.

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Basic Qualifications

Basic Requirements:

  • Must be at least 25
  • Blood Pressure Levels: Less than 140 over 90
  • Eye Sight: 20 / 40 or better in each eye (With corrective lenses if needed)
  • Diabetic: Sugar levels must be well controlled without insulin required
  • Heart Related Issues: Must have special documents and may need recent specific tests

Driving History Requirements:

  • Must meet all federal carrier guidelines
  • Must have a valid Commercial Driver’s License with Proper endorsements in the state of residence
  • No current license suspensions. Work permits are not acceptable.

No serious or disqualifying traffic violations within the last three years as follows:

  • Excessive speed involving any single offence of 15 M.P.H. or more above the posted speed limit
  • Reckless driving, as defined by state or local law or regulation, including but not limited to the offence of driving in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property
  • Improper or erratic lane changes.
  • Following too closely
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • Hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident or failure to report an accident
  • No more than 3 moving violations in the past 36 months
  • No more than 2 moving violations in the past 12 months
  • No preventable accidents in the past 36 months, that resulted in a fatality, injury that required treatment away from the scene, disabling damage to any vehicle. (Disabling damage means damage that precludes the departure of any motor vehicle from the scene of an accident under its own power. This also includes damage to vehicles that are drivable, but incur further damage if driven)
  • A minimum two years’ experience driving a tractor-trailer. All experience must be verifiable and must be recent. Foreign experience will not be acceptable. Documented military experience can be accepted.
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Carrier Logistics, LLC. is a family owned, asset based carrier specializing in dry and temperature controlled transportation for the food industry. We handle time-sensitive needs so you don’t have to!

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